Pre-Rendered 3D Environments

Rendering with GI Texturing & Lighting Systems

1) VRay


2)  Mental Ray

In 2013, I used the studio as a subject to demonstrate to my students how to texture and light a pre-rendered scene. At that time, the scene was textured with Mental Ray™ shaders and illuminated with the Mental Ray™ GI lighting system.

I also formatted the images into a QuickTime VR panorama [Update: Quicktime VR is no longer available on Windows10 until further notice.]

3) Autodesk Raytracer Renderer (ART)


Here is a test render using Autodesk’s new (as of 2016)  Raytracer Renderer (ART).

Summary: VRay produces the best results, however it is not included with 3ds Max, so it has to be purchased, and it’s not cheap! There is also a considerable learning curve to get satisfactory results. Mental Ray is better than ever but still requires more “tweaking” than VRay does. The ART rendering engine is extremely limited. With the ART renderer, I never was able to achieved satisfactory results in the time I did spend with it.


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