“Intro to Making Games” online workshop for teachers

“Intro to Making Games”
for K-12 teachers!
an online workshop
January 31st and February 7th 2:30 to 4:00pm

make games It is an exciting time in our history where a computer game can be developed by just a few people, or even by an individual! One such example is Minecraft, made by Swedish programmer Markus Persson, in 2009. It sold for 2.5 billion to Microsoft in September of 2014. Yet, can you believe that the art and science of making games is still not formally taught in public schools? However, there IS a movement happening right here in Orange County, CA to get our kids active in doing just that. We are inviting YOU to be a part of it!

Teachers will gain knowledge on:

  • how games are designed so as to maximize the “fun factor”,
  • how to go from just an idea to a playable game,
  • how to make games with no programming,
  • how to making art for games as easy as possible,
  • getting your students the software & resources needed to make games now, for FREE,
  • how to be your school’s awesome Game_Maker_YZ Facilitator, with no prior experience in playing OR making games!

Teachers will get hands-on practice with:

  •  making a simple game using the free Game Salad™ software (no programming or art experience required!)
Course Materials:

  • A computer with the free Game Salad software installed. (Install here:http://gamesalad.com/download)
  • A Google account (Install here: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp)
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Webcam (optional)

About the Instructors:

Bill Fisher,
Game Developer, President,
Quicksilver Software
Patricia Waterman,
Professor of Art/Animation,
Santa Ana College


About the IEEE Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase:
In 2011 game professionals, educators and members from the IEEE GameSig – IEEE Computer Society – Orange County got together and formed a free-of-charge competition aimed at college-level computer programming and art students to support the making of video games. The event is now offered each year, hosted by one of the local universities. Encouraged by its great success in elevating the number of college students engaging in collaborative game-making efforts, the organizing committee has extended the invitation to participate in the competition to high school students.  To learn more about the Game showcase event, click here: http://gamesigshowcase.org/ 
Hosted by Santa Ana College’s 3D Modeling and Animation Certificate Program
For questions, please email waterman_patricia@sac.edu, or phone: (714) 564-6741
Copyright © 2015 Patricia Waterman All rights reserved.

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