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2018 Art196A 3D Modeling Portfolio sites


2018 Art184-Art of Animation I Portfolio sites
(This is a beginning-level art/animation course)
2017 Game Art Development Class samples (Art180)

2017 fall  Art of Animation
2017 fall Art196A 3D Modeling Fundamentals 
 Launched  2017 – Art 167
  2014 – Art167
Florian, Carlos A.
Gary, Austin W.
 Grayson, Jeremy E.
Laux, Chase W.
Mera, Charles J.
Mera, Jordan L. –
Munoz, Fray M.
Perez, Brandon E.
Rael, Louie A. http://www.LOUIERAEL3.WORDPRESS.COM
Ramos, Kenneth
Salazar, Andrea
Vaughn, Reuben D.
Ward, Jessica P.
Zacarias, Jasmin G.
 Gomez, Danielle

Miguel Dualan
Garfield Guanqiao
Alissa Jacobs
Brandon Perez
Hoa Pham
Marsha Ramirez
Reuben Vaughn

Launched (Beginners)Art195  

Launched (Beginners)Art1196 3D Modeling Fundamental- 2015

Cesar Altamirano

Cristian Bucio

Tommy Do

Christian Flores

Hayden Kenny

Samantha Lanza

Isaac Rocha

James Rocha

 Art167 3D Commercial Applications – summer 2014

Art195 Intro to digital Media Arts – spring 2015

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