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Currently I serve as Professor of Art and head of the award-winning 3 D Modeling & Animation Certificate Program at Santa Ana College. I’m one of the rare ones who always knew I wanted to be an artist. In 1989, I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a B.F.A. in Illustration. The experience of attending a world-class college is something in which I cherish and value greatly. My proudest accomplishment is that I managed to pay my own way through the “college of my dreams”. Regardless of circumstances, I did not compromise my vision. Instead I forged ahead and made it happen against the odds. This is the secret to true joy in life; being on the “journey” in pursuit of challenging, yet worthy goals.

After graduation, I moved to San Francisco and at age 27, co-founded the advertising company WB & Associates. As an owner of a small company, I served in the capacity of graphic artist, marketing strategist, sales, CFO and HR administrator. With innovative marketing strategies, we grew our client list to hundreds in just a few short years.

Regardless of our growing success, managing a business was not what I wanted to spend my life doing. I wanted to get back to creating art. So, in 1995, I dissolved my partnership and moved back to my hometown; Orange County, California. I entered the rapidly expanding game industry as a 3D game artist working for Big Grub. Eventually I ventured out, again, on my own, and founded Waterman Animation. This time I intended to keep it small. With a staff of just two artists and one programmer (with only one of them working full-time), we flourished by produced 3D modeling and animation services for a variety of industries from video games to advertising.

In 1997, I accepted the invitation to create the 3D modeling and animation program for the University of CA-Irvine. Four years later, I accepted a full-time tenure-track position at Santa Ana College to teach and revamp their existing digital 3D program. I accepted the position with the understanding that I could juggle Waterman Animation along with my teaching responsibilities. However not long after, it became clear that it was more work that I wanted to take on, so I quietly let is slow to a stop. Prior to informally “closing the doors” to my business in 2002, my small team and I were beginning to venture into video game production, and had just completed our first release for Wonderware Software.

Additional noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Authored “3D Artist’s Guide to Real World Applications”
  • two-time runner-up for the honorable Distinguished Faculty Award
  • Innumerable students at Santa Ana College’s 3D Modeling & Animation Certificate Program have won distinguished awards on the county and state-wide levels

Today my passion is in training the next generation of game-makers and multi-media artists.
My job requires me to spend a great deal of time researching and practicing in the latest digital media art process, which I enjoy thoroughly. I also love to share my knowledge in a topic I truly find fascinating and worthy.

In 2013, I was granted eight months off from teaching to research the latest trends in the creation of art for interactive media, entertainment and advertising. You may review my report here:

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