Art 196A 3D Modeling Fundamentals





Prerequisite:“Art195 Intro To DMA” or “Art180 Art of Animation I”
Units: 5
Dates & Times: Offered fall & spring, usually from 5:0pm to 9:40pm, 2 times a week.
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Course Description: This is an introductory course in developing digital 3D art for video games, film, advertising and pre-visualization for product and architectural design.  Focus is placed on building digital 3d characters, props and environments that will be used in students’ own animated short film or video game ideas.  By employing the teacher-provided project management tools, students gain hands-on experience in how animated and interactive media projects are developed. Industry-standard low and high poly modeling methods, which utilize normal map application is emphasized to ensure optimized models with stunning detail.



YES, you can repeat this class if a minimum of 36 months have lapsed from your previous enrollment, by completing a “Request to Repeat” form, here:


Note: Due to the rapid changes in 3D modeling production processes, it is recommended for individuals interested in maintaining, re-entering or refining their skills for work in the entertainment arts as a digital artist, to repeat Art196A 3D Modeling Fundamentals.


Contact Professor Waterman for assistance in completing the form.
Phone: (714) 564-6741














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