Art197A 3D Animation Fundamentals

Prerequisite:“3D Modeling Fundamentals”
Units: 5
Dates & Times: Offered fall & spring, usually from 5:0pm to 9:40pm,2 times a week.
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Course Description: This course teaches how to use 3d animation software for the purpose of linear storytelling. Emphasis placed on the incorporation of the classic principles of animation, and in learning the core components of the software that are necessary to know for effective visual communication.

The areas to be covered in this semester-long course include:

  • Best practices for developing animated stories from idea to completion in a team environment.
  • Animating in 3D using industry standard software tools
  • Applying the principles of animation into class exercises and original animated stories to maximize entertainment value.
  • Incorporating classic cinematography camera techniques to achieve clearly understood animated stories.

This class is repeatable if a minimum of 36 months have lapsed from your previous enrollment, by completing a “Request to Repeat” form, here:
And, “Yes”, due to the rapid changes in 3D animation production processes, it is recommended for individuals interested in maintaining, re-entering or refining their skills for work in the entertainment arts as a digital artist, to repeat Art197A 3D Animation Fundamentals.

Contact Professor Waterman for assistance in completing the form.
Phone: (714) 564-6741

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