Art296 Professional Art Production


“3D Modeling Fundamentals”
Dates: Offered fall & spring. Click on “Registration” link above for information on exact dates and times.
Time:  This class has flexible class hours. A minimum of a 20-minute  one-on-one meeting with the instructor, 1 time per week is required.

Suggested Homework: 6 hours weekly, minimum.


Description: This required course in the 3D Modeling & Animation Certificate Program is an independent study class where the student chooses an area of focus and devises their own schedule.
The area of focus must be reflective of actual jobs in an industry that hires artists. Students work in class, or at home, and then meet with the instructor once a week to show progress, and get feedback.

Purpose: To gain or deepen experience in the implementation of 3d modeling, animation and/or peripheral software by producing a commercial art assignment of the student’s own choosing. Students learn how to choose an appropriate portfolio sample to work on, by presenting a research report that substantiates that their chosen project t is of commercial relevance; could lead to employment, freelance, or entrepreneurial opportunities.  “Project management” tools are utilized to teach students how to work with clients and successfully complete commercial art ventures from concept to fruition. During the weekly one-on-one meetings with the instructor, students are expected to employ professional protocol, conducting themselves as if they were engaging with an actual client. The student is also to utilize the instructor as their coach, to help them to further their mastery of key skill-sets.



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