How to Create a WordPress Multisite, & then Migrate Existing Sites into it Using All-in-One

How to Create a WordPress Multisite with Softaculous, & then Migrate Existing Sites (that have their own Domain Name) into it Using All-in-One WP Migration Multi-site plug-in:

Note: This is the best way I could figure out. If you wish to contribute by sharing a link on a better or faster way, please do!
  1. Make sure the domain’s DNS is pointing to host site serve via the registrar.
  2. To migrate existing sites, use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to Export site to desktop.
    1. Exported file will have this suffix: .wpress
  3. Install a clean WordPress “Multisite” using Softaculous on a host site with a dedicated IP. Note, Softaculous automatically configured the multisite as a sub-directory config. Keep it because it does not really matter whether it’s a “subdomain” or a “sub directory” set-up and with sub directory you don’t need to pay for wildcards. (This new multisite is where all sites get merged into.)
  4. Install the All-in-One plug-ins to this new site including the All-in-One WP Migration Multi-site.
  5. Use FileZilla FTP program to upload the site backups you exported earlier and place in the All-in-One folder found in the plugins folder.
  6. Use your host site tools “Add-On Domains” to add your domains for each sub site site that will be in the multisite network.
  • Addon Domain            Document Root
  •                 /public_html
  1. Set up the DNS Zone Editors for each site like this:
  • com.                  14400           A          
  • 14400         CNAME 
  1. Use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to import each site. You’s use the “Backup” function and“Restore” the sites. Disregard the warning that it will overright your site; with the the All-in-One WP Migration Multi-site plugin installed, it will keep the multisite and all sub sites and add the one site as another sub site.

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