The Modeling & Texturing Process for the Mascot

Sabbatical Project #3 -

"Happy Birthday from The Ceramics Studio!”

In sticking to my theme, I again chose The Ceramics Studio business for the making of my animated birthday card. I had initially illustrated the Ceramics's Studio mascot coyote onto the wall of the studio.

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THE PROCESS:  The mascot, “Coyote Clay” was illustrated
by me on a wall in the studio. Later, I reworked the
illustration in Adobe Photoshop™ and Adobe Illustrator™
so that it could be used on the business cards,
banners and other marketing materials.

Step 1: Build the coyote character

Box-modeled in 3D Studio Max™ (4360 triangles “tri’s”)

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Step 2: Unwrap the model

Unwrapped models in 3D Studio Max™

Step 3: Create the highly detailed version

The detailed version is for the creation of the normal map. for this character, I used Autodesk Mudbox™ to sculpt in the hair detail. 

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Step 4: Create the texture maps

I both digitally painted freehand in Mudbox and manipulated photographs in Photoshop to make my texture maps. The normal map was generated from Mudbox.

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Step 5: Apply the texture maps onto the low-poly model

The maps were applied onto the  low-poly model in 3D Studio Max™.

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