Game: “a side-scroller” (Unity game)

Project name, “side-scroller Unity game”


This was my  second game made with Unity game development tool. TO PLAY, CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW. Coyote” Be sure to use the Firefox browser.

If Firefox is not your default browser, then copy this link:

open Firefox, and paste link in the URL field.

Note: If do not have the Unity player installed, you will be prompted to download the player.

The Production Process

 As with my game, “Jumpin’ Coyote” I started with a template and modified it with my own character. As mentioned, I learned a great deal by starting with a template and going through the process of swapping out the template’s assets with my own. The character was modeled and textured by myself.  I assigned a Mixamo animation to it. I intend to go forward with this project and populate the scene with more of my models.