Student Sites

Art of Animation I – fall 2018

2018 Art196A 3D Modeling Portfolio sites

2018 Art184-Art of Animation I Portfolio sites
(This is a beginning-level art/animation course)

2017 Game Art Development Class samples (Art180)

2017 fall  Art of Animation

2017 fall Art196A 3D Modeling Fundamentals 

 Launched  2017 – Art 167

  2014 – Art167

Florian, Carlos A.
Gary, Austin W.
 Grayson, Jeremy E.
Laux, Chase W.
Mera, Charles J.
Mera, Jordan L. –
Munoz, Fray M.
Perez, Brandon E.
Rael, Louie A. http://www.LOUIERAEL3.WORDPRESS.COM
Ramos, Kenneth
Salazar, Andrea
Vaughn, Reuben D.
Ward, Jessica P.
Zacarias, Jasmin G.
 Gomez, Danielle


Launched (Beginners) Art195

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