The Rigging & Animation Process for the Mascot

Phase Two: Rigging and Animating

 Used MixamoRigging Tool for skinning the body mesh to the bones. Mixamo used for auto rigging


Cat Rig




 3DS Max Morpher Modifier was used to create “Morph Targets” for the facial animation.


Used  3D Studio Max™ animation tools.

Here are a couple of trial runs. The final is here.

Phase V: Animating

TEST- “Poof” Explosion 





Phase VI: Compositing & Formatting

Final Birthday Card (Top of page) -was saved out as an animated gif, with these settings: “Restrictive” color, (216 web colors) Transparent   –    The trick to achieving the smallest file size was to make the character’s coloring more solid (blocks rather than smooth gradients). The solid background is transparent, which drastically reduces file load time. I also limited the movement and reduced frames to 21. [Dimensions:  640×480 Used Adobe Photoshop’s™ “Frame” animation tools]


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